Hello.This is the homepage of the apt-log project: apt-log is a thing useful when you need to quickly extract informations from apt logs (term.log).More in depth: it may depicts a clearer picture of what happened when you was apt-ing something and try to assist you keeping the system clean and lean from large dependencies transactions or experiments.
In his simpler usage and with less emphasis, apt-log will rewrite, for your eyes' delight, apt log's content in a more clean and readable way.



- Released version, Alpha support for storage added,now it's FAST:please give your feedback! - (02-05-2009)
- Released version 0.4.5, Beta support for dpkg log files:please give your feedback! - (07-04-2009)
- Released a debian package in the download section - (08-03-2009)
- Released version 0.4.4, Corrections,minor changes - (20-02-2009)
- Released version 0.4.3, added support for localized log files - (13-02-2009)
- Released version 0.4.2, many bug fixes - (08-01-2009)
- Released version 0.4.1, which correct two minor bugs - (05-12-2008)
- The initial release of the project is v0.4 - (30-11-2008)


(*) Despite my attempts to find out the apt version which started to include terminal log functionality I didn't succeed: from the official changelog I would say that is likely for versions >= 0.7.0.Apt version <= seems to ignore the directives.
Any informations about this would be appreciated,so if any contact me
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